The Beginning

Fri Aug 08, 2014 1:08 am by insanity - 7 comments.

Ok here I am with an official statement as to how and why SP version 3.0 came to be.

Leading can burn anyone out. Look at any successful clan, multiple people pitch in, leaders change or go inactive. Back when I was leading SP following flex's retirement (ladle 50 on wards) I quickly learned how hard it can be to lead. Sure armagetron is an online game, but it can quickly become a chore. Watching my generation of SPers slowly fade away, consumed by other facets of life, was hard for me. Organizing practices where 3 people would show up, spending Sunday afternoons playing with people who clearly weren't prepared isn't something I wanted to deal with. So I slowly let go and focused on other things in my life.

When I heard SP was dead (initially through a skype text) I was shocked. I know Billy and this was one of the last things I expected. We talked briefly and I discovered his situation was very similar to mine. The game was no longer fun when all the weight is on you and you feel like you have nothing to play for. Leading SP had taken it's toll. I offered to rejoin and rebuild SP and we realized we shared a similar vision.

I am aware this is not the same SP that existed last month. Many of you are probably unaware that there have been multiple iterations of SP. Obviously SP has a rich history and this is a new chapter, that doesn't mean it's a different book. From hearing the lack of dedication I made the executive decision to wipe the roster. I'm not sure about the exact state of SP before it's death, what I know was that playing vs them last ladle they had 2 members show up and ultimately didn't play vs abc. That's horrible. As Oblivion stated earlier, I said "any old members can return to me where I will make a judgement on them". This is a much more solid approach to building a clan than simply leaving the ruins of the rosters together. We needed to re-lay the foundation rather than build on the sands of the past.

So at this point the roster is Oblivion and I, the two oldest active members by far and two of the leaders SP's past. As he told me when I initially made my offer "yeah but we would only have 2 players :p". I started assembling the team quickly, a good place to start would be my former team which was no longer together. I know each of them on a first name basis and have won with them in the past. People can make jokes oh abc SP, but in reality SP has members in every clan.

Let me read off the wiki teams: Serendipity, Rogue Tronners, Ascension, Immortal Dynasty, eggs and ham, CT Alpha, Acceleration, Sh, abc all had members from SP. With exception of WW, every clan had at least 1 SP player. Damn.

Anyways to dispel the whole tx rumors, why would I want to remake tx? I was in SP for longer than most can probably remember. I was never in tx or anything else. Yeah I was looking for a team to play with, yeah anyone who joined likely had other options available to them, but they chose to come here and that means a lot to me.



Fresh Start

Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:38 pm by Oblivion - 7 comments.

Those who know me know that I've always been very passionate about this clan. In the past few months I'd become exhausted in trying to keep this clan running and somewhere along the line that passion died. I was ready to move on and leave tron in the past forever until Insa messaged me and said he didn't want to see SP die either. He made it clear that he was willing to do whatever it took to bring this clan back. Seeing that desire in him has motivated me to keep fighting on.

We are making a fresh start and so we have wiped the slate clean. All names have been taken off the roster minus insa and I. I will be taking a step back from the leadership role and Insa is stepping up in my place. If any SP members who were in the clan before wish to remain in the clan please contact him. If you do remain active adding you back to the roster shouldn't be a problem.

Looks like we'll still be rocking the SP tags on the grid. See you around. ^-^

End of Line

Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:10 pm by Oblivion - 5 comments.

Well this is it, the moment many of you have been waiting for. Honestly I never thought this day would come. We've been around for over a decade now, but our time has come to an end. We've risen from the ashes into greatness so many times in the past but this will not be like one of those times.

The community is just not what it used to be and this clan can not persist with the community in the state that it's in. We gave it our best shot to bounce back, but just when it seemed we had again formed a solid team people bailed for no reason at all. Loyalty is difficult to come by these days. The whole process of recruiting is exhausting when those recruits turn around and abandon you within a month.

For these reasons I am stepping down, and our active members have decided that it's time to turn out the lights.

Many people have come and gone from this clan. We've had our ups and downs, but still I'd like to thank everyone whos paths crossed with ours along the way. Being a part of this clan has truly been a positive life changing experience for me. :)

Site is back up!

Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:37 am by AI - 3 comments.

As most of you have probably noticed, we have had a downtime of a quite few days due to a domain transfer issue. This issue is now sorted out and everything should be running smoothly again. If you're still experiencing any problems, please let me know and I will fix them asap O0


Academy Rebooted

Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:56 pm by Oblivion - 3 comments.

To aid in the revival of SP we are bringing back the Speeders Academy.

For those who aren't familiar with our academy, it exists to train players to become full SP members in the future. It also allows us to observe prospective members to assess their loyalty, attitude, and skill level. We are accepting +DrAg+ as the first member into the academy system.

In other news, ritsuka and Hypnosis have been accepted as the newest members of SP. Congrats guys!

Moving Forward

Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:10 am by Oblivion - 3 comments.

As everyone knows by now, we've recently lost a large portion of our member base. Despite this I believe our future is looking much brighter than before. :D Ladle 79 has concluded and although we lost I'm happy with the response of our remaining members who came out to play. We managed to throw a team together at the last minute and put up a decent fight against ks. Congratulations btw ks, your team played very well and definitely deserved to win the tournament. ;)

If I were to sum this clan up in one word I'd say "resilient". The stuff we've been through these past 10 years, it would has killed most other clans. You could say we go through our equivalent of extinction events. After each event however we come back stronger than we were before. We adapt, we evolve. We seek to come to the next Ladle even stronger than we are now, with a full team. ;)

We won't just survive, we will thrive once again.

With that said I'd like to welcome Insanity and FoFo back to the community as social members. Congrats guys. ^-^

Another toxic drama filled blog

Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:01 pm by Flex - 15 comments.

Tron Times.. Bringing you freshly toxic doses of drama, filled with highly sketchy news, first! In competition with.. lets look.. nobody...

I love the speed in which they release updates, it's like they're in a rush to get the "news" out because some other big tron news agency will release it before them. They have no regard for if it's true, if it's accurate and if it's going to offend or spread unnecessary bullshit. Doesn't that remind you of the previous blogs that was a shit hole to the community?

So you have a domain now, is that supposed to make me assume you guys are different? Lets see, act all serious, behave reasonable at start then feed drama like there's no tomorrow because you're tired of actually doing a service to the community.. I'm surprised it lasted this long, to be honest.

Let me make it clear, InstantCalmer was never involved in the recent departures. She went inactive/retired months ago from this game and nobody wanted to remove her except for recently and ironically I was told as to why she left/retired, but that's something she can comment herself.

After countless times by Rhythm requesting this to be corrected, it gets adjusted as if some fucktard thinks it's related.

Update!! Thanks to ID's very good application process from Monkey at the ID headquarters, before the dust even settles, Solutai applies to ID and shifts the blame entirely away from himself and all towards SP.. He gets a pass after shifting lack of teamwork away from himself and freely calling Oblivion a dictator for making critical decisions that as an officer you have to do. Nice one guys.

Also I find it a little ironic that we use words like dictator, well not "we", but some 18 year old kid. Here's the difference, Oblivion is in charge of a clan not a nation, and you don't see America voting when to nuke somebody. Officers are responsible of keeping rules and standards in the clan at the level it should be and what's the point of officers if they can't make these kind of calls when its reached that point.. Those who don't know shit internally shouldn't be giving stupid comments like what they would have done.

Finally, Insa and FoFo's application as social members was agreed to a few weeks ago, just after when I applied as a social member, so definitely before the departures and none of them actually knew about it at all, because it wasn't confirmed yet.. They have too much history to be out of the circle of SP and still be playing this game and so that's why they've rejoined. Insanity made it quite clear in my opinion, "Additionally I'm still a sub for them (and have no interest in playing ladles full time) so neither of us is in a position to contribute to a team as we have in the past." More bullshit false statements coming from Tron Times..

If SP dies, it's not because of these departures, it's simply because this community is toxic and dead that it can't provide fresh blood to this clan to exist any further. We have the longest history amongst all the clans out there, and one to be the proudest.

Speeders have a bright future and that's what's coming from the internal members posts. Those who are here are in full support of Oblivion and I'm proud of how he handled this. He has balls that I may even have not managed and I thought I was ballsy. So hopefully we can move forward from this and not be forced into headlines for their drama.